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2018-March-22 14:46
Neo 1:43

Saab 95 GL V4 1978 - brown

2018-March-09 22:15
Norev 1:43

Saab 900 Turbo 3-door 1991 grey metallic

2018-March-09 22:13
BoS Models 1:18

Saab 99 2-door 1969 cream

2018-March-08 22:59
Atlas Ambulance Collection 1:4

9-5 Aero Kombi 2002 "Akutbil"
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Welcome to Saab-Archive!

Welcome to my Saab Homepage. I’m a Saab-driver and Saab-enthusiast since 1981.

Nearly from the same time, I started collecting everything about Saab.
Mainly modelcars, original literature and press-photos, but also accessories, promotion items and so on.

But here I wanna show you the world of Saab-Miniatures. From large pedalcars for children until very small jewelry items. From normal toycars produced in large units, until fantastic and rare hand-made collector-models built in a very limited run.
Most of the shown items are from my own collection. But there are also photos taken by other Saab-enthusiasts worldwide or found somewhere in the Web. So probably you will find here several Saab-miniatures, you have never seen before. And also, you could read informations, which you have not known before.

But of course, there are still models and toys existing around the world, I don’t know about. So now, it’s your turn! If you have any additional information about anything you see on my Homepage, please feel free to give me your knowledge! If there is a Saab-miniature which you can't find here, write to me, send me photos, give me everything about! If you see any fault, please tell me! Your information will be shown here immediately.

As you might know there is such a lot of work to take several photos of any model, then editing the photos and setting to the Web, I’m going on always.

Thanks to all Saab-collectors worldwide I have met during my 40 years with Saab and thanks to everyone who helped me expanding my collection and creating this Homepage!

But now, enjoy going into the wonderful world of Saab-miniatures!


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