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2018-March-22 14:46
Neo 1:43

Saab 95 GL V4 1978 - brown

2018-March-09 22:15
Norev 1:43

Saab 900 Turbo 3-door 1991 grey metallic

2018-March-09 22:13
BoS Models 1:18

Saab 99 2-door 1969 cream

2018-March-08 22:59
Atlas Ambulance Collection 1:4

9-5 Aero Kombi 2002 "Akutbil"
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95 - 1960 two-stroke Van

95 - 1960 two-stroke Van +

Picture: 502 grey "SAAB" / intro 1996 GB / c: S-A

95 - 1960 two-stroke Van Bild 0 95 - 1960 two-stroke Van Bild 2 95 - 1960 two-stroke Van Bild 4 95 - 1960 two-stroke Van Bild 6 95 - 1960 two-stroke Van Bild 8 95 - 1960 two-stroke Van Bild 10 95 - 1960 two-stroke Van Bild 12 95 - 1960 two-stroke Van Bild 14 95 - 1960 two-stroke Van Bild 16
Number of Production502
Year of Production1996
Colourgrey; red;


"Doug McHard - Somerville Models". Passionate, self-taught model-maker whose planes and cars were among the most perfect copies ever made! He had worked in the Prototype department bof Dinky Toys. After this time, in 1978, he founded Somerville Models Ltd. The first Saab-models were made in 1981 after signing a great contract with Saab Automobile AB. There would be so much to write about the "best Saab-models ever made", sadly I don't have the space. But there is a wonderful article from "The Sunday Times" written a few weeks after his sad, all of a sudden death at the 29th of August 2002 ( In 1998 I had the great luck to visit Doug and Roly McHard at their home in Billinghay, Lincolnshire. It was really one of the best days during my more than 30 years with Saab. So what was going on after his death? Everything was sold to a new owner in England, "Promod Ltd". They always promised to go on with all those wonderful models, but nothing happened - until 2011! Ten different Somerville kits are new available! But still no Saab, so let us hope for the future!


Both 95 Van models were offered only during the limited "500-serial" edition. A very few kits were also made.


They have photo-etched wipers, separate 'clear' headlights, chrome hubcaps and separate chrome door-handles, trunk-lid and filler cap.


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