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2018-March-22 14:46
Neo 1:43

Saab 95 GL V4 1978 - brown

2018-March-09 22:15
Norev 1:43

Saab 900 Turbo 3-door 1991 grey metallic

2018-March-09 22:13
BoS Models 1:18

Saab 99 2-door 1969 cream

2018-March-08 22:59
Atlas Ambulance Collection 1:4

9-5 Aero Kombi 2002 "Akutbil"
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900 - 1981 5-door Turbo

900 - 1981 5-door Turbo +

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900 - 1981 5-door Turbo Bild 0 900 - 1981 5-door Turbo Bild 2 900 - 1981 5-door Turbo Bild 4 900 - 1981 5-door Turbo Bild 6 900 - 1981 5-door Turbo Bild 8 900 - 1981 5-door Turbo Bild 10 900 - 1981 5-door Turbo Bild 12 900 - 1981 5-door Turbo Bild 14
Number of Production215 / 10215 / 12215
Year of Production1983 - ?
Colourbeige; green; light grey; maroon; red; white; blue-met;


Wiking, Germany is the most popular manufacturer of scale models in H0 scale and N scale for model trains. They specialize in models of cars and trucks dating from the 50s to the present day. Wiking began producing ship models in the 1930s. These metal ships were made in 1:1250 scale. Before and during World War II they were used by the German military for training purposes. The military also used new plane models beginning in 1934/35, models of military vehicles and artillery, both in 1:200 scale. Beginning in 1938 the planes and some of the ships were made from plastic. In 1947 Wiking started to produce simple car models that mostly consisted of one part, having no windows and no chassis. They were made of plastic and roughly in the scale of 1:100. The axles were made of wire with flat pinched ends, that were squeezed into the still warm vehicle body plastic and not able to rotate. Only the wheels rolled on the axles. Later models included a chassis and rolling axles. The scale was changed to 1:90. Since the early 1960s the models received transparent windows, and in the 1970s interiors were added. For some models today even the original paint from the car manufacturers is used. The scale has been changed to 1:87 (H0).


In the first years all 900 Turbo models were delivered with wheels which look like TRX-wheels. There are two different shades of white existing. The first white one, launched in 1989, had still ‘TRX-wheels’. The second white one (more bright white), launched in 1992, had already wheels which look like ‘Cross-spoke-wheels’. All models have print on base: ‘Saab Turbo Wiking Berlin-W’. There are a few different colours of the interior existing. During the years, Wiking has changed several times the catalog-number of the 900 Turbo.

Special / Limited Edition

S1 – Pre-serial 1983
Light grey or dark silver-metallic -- no print on base -- different interior

S2 – Factory-proof
Clear ! No colour! -- they were needed to improve the quality of liquid plastics

S3 – Saab-Promotion
-- V1 -- German Saab-Dealer Uwe Henschen
-- V2 -- Dutch Saab-Dealer Hoogveld, Arnhem

S4 – ADAC Gift-set
red colour! Limited edition of only 100 sets


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